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The trading-industrial company «MAXUS» (ТМ «MAXUS», Ukraine) has begun the activity in 2006, as the enterprise, which basic specialization are manufacturing and selling of wide assortment of locks and door accessories.

There are professional’s employees, whom on an extent more than 10 years successfully co-operated with leaders of Italian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish manufacturers of locks and accompanying goods , are involved for a work in company «MAXUS».

Today company «MAXUS" uses hi-tech manufacture at factory with the modern equipment. Cooperation with leading developers of given production, introduction of new models on the basis of consumer preferences, attraction to work of high-class professionals, quality assurance, — all it does «MAXUS» production competitive, reliable and durable.

Despite of crisis, the trade mark «MAXUS» continues to be popular for consumers. So sales of «MAXUS» trade mark for the first half of the year 2009 have grown up 52 % in natural expression in comparison with the similar period 2008. 30 % from a total sum have made sales of door closers «MAXUS» trade mark. Such sales volume for the short period of time says that production has deserved trust among consumers and has confirmed the quality. And the last of 22 % have divided among themselves mortise locks completed with a core and handles, and cores.

Limited Liability the trading-industrial company «MAXUS» in 2008 has made 150 thousand units of production, and amount of products, in first half of 2009 year, has exceeded twice that one. Growth of sales, since January, 2009, has been provided by growth of retails and wholesale shipments of the goods in regions of Ukraine.

«MAXUS» trade mark has occupied one to be high on the list of Ukrainian market of door accessories and continues to climb up upward stabling rates. The advancing of the nearest competitor makes 3,5 %. It is evidence of orientation of door business to real requirements of the market, instead of to production accumulation in warehouses. Without being, meanwhile, the leader in the market of Ukraine, Limited Liability the trading-industrial company «MAXUS» has managed to enter into the five of the best companies.

Positive results of work with regional clients and constantly increasing volume of demands from regions are expecting the maximum efficiency in this direction.

We pose a problem to provide our clients with wide assortment of locks, door accessories and all necessary services at worthy level, observing high quality of made production, its reliability and the flexible price policy. We respect and care of safety our clients!

WARNING! Prices may not meet the specified site.

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