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Door bells

November tunes C door bell
199.50 grn.
Violin door bell
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VITO 250 DOOR BELL door bell
15.20 grn.
House VT-251 door bell
15.20 grn.
Chanson+ door bell
86.80 grn.
Solo door bell. 8 tunes
72.00 grn.
Cinema+ door bell
86.80 grn.
СТ-2 door bell
59.85 grn.
LUCKARM door bell
239.40 grn.
VAOL door bell
176.40 grn.
MASTER door bell
266.00 grn.
CORSTA doorbell
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is an electronic or wireless device for beeping. The most widespread doorbells are those with a bell clapper. Pushing the button on the outer side of the door, closes the electrical chain up and activates the electromagnet, which force the clapper strikes the cover of the bell. Such kind of doorbells may be both power and battery supplied. Wireless bell buttons actuate the doorbell via radio signal. We may offer interchangeable buttons and protective coverings for the doorbells as doorbell accessories.

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