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Electromechanical locks

Filin electromechanical lock
14.00 grn.
CISA 11671.70.1 mortise electomechanical lock
749.70 grn.
1.00 grn.
COUGAR 799 electomechanical lock
209.95 grn.
UCEM 5024 electomechanical lock
209.10 grn.
102 interior lock electric
1.00 grn.
202 interior lock electric
778.05 grn.
Invisible lock
9.00 grn.
FASSLOCK STEEL electromechanical lock
696.15 grn.
ANXING LOCK 1073 electromechanical lock
140.06 grn.
WESS 12788 electromechanical lock
819.00 grn.
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Electro-mechanical lock

is the subtype of the electric lock the working principle of which is based on automatic impact on the locking mechanism. This impact is performed either by the solenoid or by the small electro engine. There are motor, solenoid locks and the locks with automatic lockup. The locking force is performed by springs in the lockup locks and by the electro engine in motor locks. The pin is pushed by the metal plunger that is, in its turn, drawn inside the solenoid in the case of the solenoid locks.

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