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Trade mark:
VISIT (Ukraine)
Type of production:
Keys controller. The device is the most important part of the control access system
Control access
Technical special:
- unlocking the entrance door lock with the help of the VISIT-TM keys (up to 670 pcs);
- “OHORONA” option is set and switched off by the corresponding keys (up to 6 pcs.), the users’ keys are blocked by this option;
- recording the users’ keys, “OHORONA” keys and MASTER keys;
- tone signaling and light indication of the operating modes;
Key type: All the line of Touch Memory (i
Button) keys is in F5 case;
Period of time in open mode, c.: 1…7
Voltage, V: +12…25;
Maximum switched current, A: 1,5;
Recommended power unit: БПД18/12-1-1;
Dimensions, mm, key reader: 46х74х22;
Control unit: 133х74х37 mm;
Working temperature range, (key reader) С: -40 до +45;
Control unit: -10 до +45;
Weight, kg: 0,4
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