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659,70 grn.
Trade mark:
Gerda (Poland)
Lock type:
Mortise lock
Gerda ZW 1000 certified mortise lock is used as main lock for metal or wooden entrance doors. The lock construction, high qualified materials assure its long-term service. Reliability in work and breaking resistance of the lock construction allow its installation on metal doors. ZW 1000 lock has the З class certificate (obeys the IV class certificate).
Technical specifications:

- the most popular size – 90/95mm;
- universal lock construction allows changing the operating mechanism from left-hand to right-hand without demounting the very lock;
- the standard set contains flat and angle counterparts that allows the lock installation on the doors with wooden or metal frame;
- galvanized face plate is white;
- The lock may be completed by the European cylinder

High breaking resistance and reliability of Gerda ZW 1000 lock are achieved with the help of the following factors:

- 3 big steel chromate pins of 24mm;
- strong lock body is protected by two steel plates that prevent the lock from grilling-out and allows carrying of constant and heavy loads;
- high accuracy of locking mechanism manufacturing;
- A hole for a handle from high qualified materials is available
Face plane of the lock is finished in white zinc.

Warranty: 12 months


- Institute of Precision Mechanics (IPM)
- Central Forensic Laboratory of Chief Commandant's Office

Gerda WK M3 registered cylinder and Gerda TD 1000 (3 class) or Gerda TD 200 (reinforced) registered door handle are recommended to be installed on the ZW 1000 lock.
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