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Company mission

Our mission is to make each customer satisfied with the high qualified goods by production «MAXUS» trade mark. to become an international company, the main power of which is in qualified staff and up-to-date technologies.

We are responsible for each sold good.

We create the atmosphere, which furthers our personnel to use its long experience and advanced manufacturing sciences to meet all the demands of our customers.

Work principles of the “MAXUS” company:

1. We make administrative decisions taking into account long term prospects to meet the demands of our customers.

2. We try to keep high standards made by thousands of high qualified specialists. Our goal is to create values for the customers, society and economy.

3. We take care of company’s personnel.

4. We try and rule our destiny, we believe in our forces and abilities.

5. We are responsible for our goods; we always improve our skills.

6. We try to organize the work process properly in order to give proper results.

7. We see everyday’s fluctuations of demands, take into consideration and react to the least changes in it.

8. We keep honest relations with our customers, staff, providers, cooperators and rivals.

9. We bring up leaders who thoroughly know the business and practice the philosophy of the company. Before introduce new technologies, we carefully investigate all process and we give only the approved decisions.

10. We respect our providers and cooperators.

11. We initiate our development and improvement.

12. We analyze our work, study and improve all the process of producing the goods beginning with making decision and up to the getting results.

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