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LTD “TMC “Maxus” proposes its service in door furniture delivery organization.

By common efforts of the staff considerable progress in developing and improvement of manufacturing systems, purchasing and delivery during the last years was approached. Creating partnership with more ramified systems of work organization increasing this way the circle of reliable providers is one of the priority directions in developing the company on the current stage of its foundation.


  • partners of our company are the leading hardware enterprises;
  • loyal price policy;
  • partners selection is based on thorough marketing research;
  • competitive prices;
  • availability of storage facilities;
  • adherence to delivery time.

Our company always complies with the contract provisions. Taking into consideration the unstable economical situation in our country we are ready to make a compromise with our partners or conclude additional agreements if necessary.

We guarantee non-disclosure of trade secret keeping data confidentiality of both the customer and provider.

Administration site offers Internet Cooperation other sites and portals.

We have an open for any cooperation and are ready to consider your proposal.

You are able to submit all the necessary information for probable cooperation with our company. Having filled in all the necessary forms your proposition will be reviewed straight by the management of our company.

Name of the company:
Date of foundation:
Basic kind of activity:
Suggested goods (service):
Full name:
Your commercial proposition:


WARNING! Prices may not meet the specified site.

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