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Cleanup wheels

Cleanup wheel 115
14.82 grn.
Cleanup wheel 125
15.29 grn.
Cleanup wheel 180
21.06 grn.
Cleanup wheel 230
34.63 grn.
Cleanup Wheel 150
44.93 grn.
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Сleanup wheel

(rough wheel) is a universal tool. It is used for removing rust and scale from the metal surface as well as for grinding welding joints, cleanup old paint of the surfaces, renovation of concrete and brickwork.
Heavy tools are used within stationary engineering tools. They are used for cleanup the tube’s edges, preparing the parts for welding and remove rough edges from the fitting details. The wheels, used manually have smaller diameter and thickness. To make such a wheel, abrasive material is mixed with Bakelite bond. The coarser abrasive particles are the more effective devise you have. Modern models have coarse abrasive. The work of the wheel depends also upon the rotation speed of the wheel. The wheels are divided according to their appointment: cleanup wheels for building materials, cleanup wheels for metal and carbon steel.
A wide range of wheels are available on our web-site. Here you may choose the most suitable device for your needs.

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