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28,35 grn.
Trade mark:
Type of product:
Protecting goggles
Appointed for protecting the whole face from the influence of hard particles with the kinetic energy of 3 J, wind, dust, dazzling brightness of visible light and ultraviolet rays on working areas inside or outside.
Goggles are appointed for protecting eyes from mechanical injuries coursed by iron shavings, stone pieces, ashes, coal, mortar spray and other particles while welding or working with pneumonic and electrical instruments.
Technical specifications:
Soft body is made of PVC plastic. The stripe is made of 40 mm wide elastic cloth, and has a belt buckle for adjusting its size to be suitable for the head of the user. All parts of the goggles except the stripe are diecast. Hard layer of lens is resistant to abrasion and scratching. Protecting glass is a B-1 welder’s lens and has good color reflection.
Y+B – yellow, blue.
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