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Locks for PVC and metal-plstic

Lock body Apecs B-52
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Lock body Euro-Elzett Europrtal
Phone by the manager
Lock body additional Euro-Elzett Euportal
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Multi-channel enclosure locking Top Multisoft
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Lock case Euro-Elzett Europrtal SB
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NORMAN 153 U lock body
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Kale 155 СР lock body
59.56 grn.
NORMAN NK 35 lock body
81.90 grn.
NORMAN NR-P 25 lock body
32.51 grn.
Mortise hateau Gerda Titan ZW 320
640.87 grn.
Mortise lock FZB 153 U
24.63 grn.
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Locks for PVC and metal-plastic doors

may be produced with fixed or lever handles. The first perform door closing by means of force produced by key. Locks are one-lock or multi-lock mechanisms, locking the door either with latches or pins and latches together. Locks with lever handles perform locking procedure with keys or special latches.

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